Fremantle Grunge

Freo is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for grungy sort of inspiration.  It’s a cultural blend of restaurants, cafes, art, business and grunge – and I love it! 

We were on our way back from the wedding last weekend, having made a detour past the Bon Scott statue in Freo for Shawn to check out and I decided to pull a ‘u-ey’ (u-turn) to duck down the side of an old storage facility and shoot the graffitti. 

Zoe was in the perfect, scowling teenager mood so I took advantage of the moment for this shot. 


Carmelo & Cherie ~ 5th May 2012

Although not the official photographers for this one, Shawn, Zoe and I had the pleasure of sharing in my uncle’s Wedding Day last Saturday.  The drive down the night before was stormy all the way, so we were braced for a rainy wedding day, but the rain for the most part held off. It was that ‘just right’ balance between pouring and drizzling, that gave you the best of both worlds! 

I’ve posted the rest on facebook, but had to share this one.  Caught in the moment between shots, we were trying to set them up for the “dip” pose and getting hands in the right spot for Cherie to be supported and balance was rather a giggle.  

Enjoy! Image

MG baby!

I had the pleasure today of shooting two very sweet MG’s thanks to my colleague Daryll wanting to have some good shots of his baby’s. 

We’ve had this shoot in the planning for a few months now, this week we finally made a date – and yesterday the storm forecast came through!  So, this morning I got up early and braced myself for the worst as I peeked outside …. stormy looking, but there was a hint of sun in among the clouds.

Pretty happy with how these came out!  Image






Time has well and truly escaped of late and while we’ve been hard at work, I’ve long neglected my blog, over the ever easy and addictive, Facebook.

But this week I’m taking some time out from life and updating some more neglected aspects of the ‘job’ that I love so much.

Apologies to my subscribers for the influx of updates over the coming week….

The Lovely Miss Thea

And so it begins…

For those of you that don’t know, part of my interest in portrait photography has been to allow people to feel beautiful, glamorous, sexy and fun. In moving into this arena, I have been wanting more opportunities to do lingerie, burlesque and costume shoots.

With the help of my gorgeous friend Thea, and my wonderful fiance Shawn who handles the finishing touches to my portraits, the results of Wednesday nights shoot are presented… for your viewing pleasure.

❤ Mel